Zvolen Lanice

Concept -,, A piece of wilderness in the middle of the city park on the water”. Location regulated riverbed surrounded by park river Hron and his artificial arm creates ideal conditions for the emergence of a peaceful lake levels, incorporated into an existing green trees and rose bushes on the former, natural, defunct stream Hron. Lake incorporated into the current state of the green allowing recovery of riparian forests and wetlands would be created as a biological equivalent of channeling Hron and his shoulders, where water is the time in contact with the concrete and stone fortifications lifeless. The newly built promenade becomes a popular place for residents of Zvolen exploited moments of relaxation in the form of walking. Although the artificial lake created by the intervention immediately after soaking in water levels will have a natural origin. Will meet the biological, conservation, educational, aesthetic – landscaping requirements, creating a feeling of well-being, relaxation, tranquility in a natural setting with the sports. The volume of soil collected when diggings lake artfully used to create a hill in the northern part of the territory. The designated area will be appropriately dotvorené civil and technical equipment, in order to establish local recreation center with respect to the protection of natural ingredients territory.