Panorama II

Spolu s GFI architektmi sme získali 1. miesto vo vyzvanej architektonicko-urbanistickej súťaži PANORAMA CITY II. etapa.

We won first place with GFI architects  in competition PANORAMA CITY II. stage Bratislava. Public space on the roof, half plaza – half park was designed to “capture nature.” Landscape concept : – CMYK / C = COZY, M = MULTIFUNCTIONAL , Y = INTERESTING , K = CREATIVE. The main axis of the mall, which includes pedestrian path, racetrack attract children and a separate bicycle path. Playground is crimp flush with the surface of blue rubber, making the effect even in winter. Completion of paved areas, grassy terrain modeling and small architecture enhances the overall look of residential and office buildings. The pedestrian promenade builds network informally narrower sidewalks supplemented built in seating incorporated in the grassy mounds. Another attractive part of the multi-surface / ground common to reptiles and part of the park. Informal recessed playground is fitted between pedestrian communications, ensuring its accessibility from all directions. Playground material / color colored rubber C (55) M (0) Y (0) K (0) + lawn. Parents have control over the children of both elevated terrain modeling and from cafes. A modern shading structures creates a new visible spots in the park. The visitor is introduced to the elements of the hammocks with planting and sense of play.